Do you have a good camera and don't know how to use it?
I can teach you all the buttons, dials and menus you can handle.
Start taking photographs that you like!
Hands on instruction: 1 person-$60/hour and a half; 2 persons-$100/hour and a half
Contact me: klmilstein@aol.com


For Beginners and Beyond!  $60 per class (1 and 1/2 hours) 
Unleash your creativity!  Express yourself!

Do you use only Auto shoot mode?
Can't figure out your your point and shoot, bridge camera or DSLR? 
You don't have to read the manual cover to cover!
Just take a hands-on class with me!  Each class is two hours long.
Learn about your camera and then we will head outside to take pictures.
You will learn:
  • all the buttons and icons
  • how to chose which mode to shoot in
  • Av and Tv
  • tips on composition and flash
  • depth of field and shooting motion
  • the best $60 you ever spent!
  • SAVE! 2 people - $100 per class

You can't get individualized attention online!  Take a class with hands on instruction in the comfort of my home or yours (within a 30 minute drive).  I live in Merrimac, Massachusetts on 2 photogenic acres.

*Positive feedback from a student:
"Sam and I both enjoyed the class.  I like the way you focused on one main thing each class and had us practice.  I also feel more comfortable with my camera and have spent more time using it than I ever had before."

Call Kathy:  978 346-4597        See what develops!  Express yourself!

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