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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Holiday Feeling in Newburyport at Night

It was cold!! But I braved the snow and chilly air for my first winter shoot at night shortly before the holidays. I headed to Newburyport about 4pm toting my camera, tripod and remote shutter release. I wondered about my sanity as I got out of the car and the frigid air hit my nose. I didn't have to walk far for my first shot of the park and the Firehouse Theater. Then I aimed my lens across the street at the walking area. After a short time my fingers went numb and then started to hurt. That made moving the tripod difficult! After just a few minutes my battery started to die. No surprise there! I think I had read about that happening in low temps but what did surprise me was how quickly it happened! Well, I learned a few things: dress warmly, carry a spare battery in an inside coat pocket and preplan your shoot to make the most of the short amount of time. Still, I was pleased with the images and I learned a lot. Happy winter shooting!