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Sunday, December 8, 2013

New Hampshire - White Mountains Fall Color!

Leaves, glorious, leaves!  For landscape photography you can't beat the fall!  The White Mountains National Forest of New Hampshire has it all: lakes, ponds, waterfalls, tiny picturesque villages and colorful foliage!
Again, I opted to join a few other photographers on another Slonina Photography tour.  I did not know the area well and after 4 days of driving the highways and byways of the White Mountains I mapped out a few of my favorite places to return next fall.  I purchased a map of the area and each day I highlighted our route with a different color highlighter.  This helps me do 2 things.  First, when I want to know exactly where I made an image, I just consult my map and easily remember the name of the lake, waterfall or town.  Second, I can re-create my route at another time for other great images.

Eaton, NH
Albany Covered Bridge

For this trip I upgraded to two essential pieces of gear.  First, I bought myself a bigger backpack with enough dividers and pockets to really organize my stuff.  I did a lot of shopping online and read many reviews before I ordered.  I was not disappointed!  I still used my little fanny pack for quick access to small essentials.  
Secondly, I upgraded my tripod with a quick release and an L bracket.  These two items allow me to take my camera easily on and off my tripod and to easily switch my shot from horizontal to vertical while maintaining the same viewing angle.  So easy and it saves my arms from stress!  Check out this online company: Really Right Stuff.

Silver Cascade Falls

Chocorua Lake 

Twilight north of Gorham

Next fall, I'll continue to explore the beautiful scenery of the White Mountains Nat'l Forest.