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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

ASE - After School Exploration: Photography with Sixth Graders

This is the 2009 After School Exploration Photography class! We met once a week after school for six weeks. It was so much fun teaching these creative 6th graders. We met at the school in the library/computer lab which meant that we were able to fit in some lessons on image editing as well as basic photography. We are all standing and sitting in front of the photography show of their favorite images that they created on a gigantic bulletin board in the hallway by the library. The girls thought it would also be fun to have a portrait of themselves as a flower of heads!

Our first class explored depth of field and aperture. Outside we found some good opportunities to show shallow depth of field. In later classes we talked about composition and moved on to shutter speed and how to capture motion. We had a great time learning panning using slower shutter speeds and stop motion using faster shutter speeds. We also roamed the halls and came up with some great abstract images proving that abstract is everywhere!

In the computer lab we used PhotoFiltre, a free downloadable editing software that the school has on each computer. It is fun and easy to use. What do you do with your photographs? Have a show, buy a picture frame, make a scrap book, make a Mother's Day card, decorate your room, decorate your living room. No matter what you do just keep on using your camera! Happy shooting!