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Monday, October 5, 2009

Macro with a long lens!

Summer photography was even more fun this year with my long lens! I went out several times to shoot the summer flowers with the aim of getting in close. These shots were taken in a garden in Newburyport, MA and in Prescott Park in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

I did want a very short depth of field so I used a wide open aperture and usually let the camera decide on the shutter speed for the correct exposure. This setting is indicated on the camera body by the symbol "Av". I used apertures of 4.0 t0 9.0. The smaller the number, the larger the aperture and the smaller the depth of field. Depth of field is defined as what is in focus in the image. All the images I've posted today have a very small depth of field.

My long zoom lens has a focal length of 70-200mm. It allowed me to pull in my subjects and gave me a small depth of field at the same time. The one disadvantage to my long lens is that it does not have image stabilization. So my shots are often out of focus. I traded that for great optics and a great price because it was used. Live and learn! Use the tripod!

I like macro photography. It is a different way of seeing the subject. Now I just want to get closer and closer!