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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Sheep - They Do Look Like Old Ladies in Night Caps!

In a little country town in New England lives a woman who tends her sheep with love.  The sheep, in turn, give her soft, albeit dirty, wool in spring, which she trades for wool yarn.  
I am invited to photograph her and the sheep.  I'll give her thanks and pictures.
I came the first time when the snow was deep and the sky overcast.  No pretty nature or travel photos here!  This is an environmental portrait of my friend and her pet sheep. 

It is time for the sheep to be fed out in their shed behind the barn where they live.  No green grass this time of year but plenty of light green grassy hay to eat.
They can hear us coming and poke their heads out.  Dinner time!

They can hardly wait for her to put the hay in the shed and start grabbing it out of her arms.
I found the sheep to be gentle and afraid of me.  They are very used to her and are like pets.  One of the white sheep is more curious and posed for portraits.


Eventually, they all settled down to chewing while my friend pet them and talked to them.

Spring came and the snow slowly disappeared from meadows and parking lots.  The sheep were shorn.  One early morning I came by to see how they looked minus their winter coats.
I realized that they really do look like little old ladies in night caps!