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Sunday, September 8, 2013

End of the Summer Drive to Maine

Let's go for a lobster run!  We'll make a weekend of it!
Driving from the northeastern most corner of Massachusetts close to Interstate 95 and the city of Newburyport up to Maine is a short 20 minutes.
But the beautiful forests and coastline of Maine  beckons us to explore further.  There is the cheapest lobster for sale just around the corner and the most gorgeous views with storybook lighthouses and fishing villages to photograph!  It's what summer is all about in New England.

So we loaded the car with stuff our son forgot to take with him to Maine Maritime Academy and drove off to find the tiny town of Castine.
They say in Maine, "You can't get there from here!"  Exactly right!  Why, you ask?  Take a look at the coastline map and you will see a wilderness of fingers of land jutting out into the Atlantic with the rare bridge to connect them.  When one drives the coastline it is from west to east and back again only slowly inching north.
Needless to say, we took the faster inland route until the last few miles of spectacular ocean scenery.  We love the fresh salty air and seafood.  One variety store for miles might take some getting used to but I'll take it over not a single Dunkin's or McDonald's!  We got the lobster too!

  The one Castine Variety Store.

Organic lobster?  I hope so!

Picture perfect clouds!

  The State of Maine is a very large training ship shown in this photo and the one below.  You can make out the wannabe sailors in blue shirts.  Sailing and scuba diving classes are also offered as well as such majors as marine biology and international business.


  I'll leave you with this...