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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Quebec City - Fireworks and Fun! - Notes on night photography

How do you tempt someone to join you for a vacation in Quebec City?  Just mention the International Fireworks Competition that is held each summer there!  It doesn't hurt to talk about the European feeling (read "romantic"), the food and the WOW factor of Canadian scenery.  Do you imagine cobblestone streets, fun little shops and restaurants, street entertainers and music?  Yes!  The beer is excellent and the fishing and hiking too!  Portugal won the fireworks competition with a superb 30 minute show set to great rock and roll music.  They will be back in 2012 to defend their title.

Poutine is slang for "mushy mess" and comes in all kinds of variations.  The basic recipe calls for French fries, dark brown gravy and cheese curds!  Mine had some meat added and sprinkles of fresh parsley.  It's not to be missed!  Comfort food Canadian style!

An hour or two outside of Quebec City are huge national parks that offer gorgeous scenery and great fishing, hiking and skiing.   My fisherman husband caught and released 8 beautiful rainbow trout that day.

                           Waiting for the fireworks to commence at Montmorency Falls Park.

I did not have a tripod with me so I experimented with a very high ISO on my Canon EOS 5D.  Using railings and benches as a platform I got really great photographs at night with no noise to speak of.  I say experiment and see what happens!!
Quebec City was so much fun that we are going back next summer for more fireworks and poutine!!