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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Fall into Winter in New England- our Little Pond

Winter and a new year coming! The glowing warm colors of fall are gone now - my favorite time of year to photograph is over. But not without a last trip down to the Little Pond in my neighborhood with my camera. What is going on everyday in the beautiful places in your neighborhood? Look very close and you might find stunning color or step back and see faces in the landscape. Look sideways and you will see a foxy face in the reflection of the pond. It can depend on whether you hold the camera for a vertical view or a horizontal view. It can depend on whether you angle up or angle down or even get down on the ground.
One trick is to immediately turn around 180 degrees and check out the possibilities of a good shot behind you.
New years always bring energy and possibility - that one stunning photograph is always out there to be captured! Here's to the beautiful images of 2010!