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Friday, December 12, 2014

The Marsh - September and October

September 16

Autumn months arrive and the marsh colors are slowly desaturating.  Colors are a little browner and the cattails explode in fluffy beige seeds.  The foliage starts to fade away as birds fly southward maybe pausing at the marsh for a day or two.  The trees are beginning to turn to their fall colors and I am anticipating some bright fall photographs.

September 16
The red berries have popped out on the bush that I usually put in the foreground.  This shot at sunset shows how much of the grasses are starting to die away.  
In October I ventured into the woods that are off to the left of the shot above.  It's a little easier now to make my way off the path and explore what the marsh looks like farther away from the road.

October 3
This is fun!  A new perspective!  Yet I am within 5 yards of the water.  I wonder what it will look like back here in December.  I will have to wait.  

October 3
Here come the reds and yellows in the trees.  A nice contrast to the blue water.  It's amazing how different this shot looks from just 2 months ago.  

October 10
A week later the marsh looks almost exactly the same in the shot above but now look down to the foggy day five days later and the trees have lost many more leaves.  Fall colors are rampant!  The berry bush in the foreground turned to yellow and red.  I wonder why the birds haven't eaten the berries?

October 15

October 15

When it's a foggy day just grab the camera and go!  Easier said than done!  I have gone to work or appointments many times rather than shoot.  But I love to shoot on foggy days!
These are my last photographs for October.  I planned a trip to Acadia National Park to hike with the family.  We viewed the Milky Way from the top of Cadillac Mountain.  Fabulous!  I need a lesson in how to photograph stars!