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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Impressionist Photography

We are all creative. Some of us draw, build, design, play music, photograph or any number of other creative pursuits. And we need inspiration (literally -to breathe into). Inspiration leads us to our own creativity.

I came across a photographer who is a master of impressionist photography and her work has inspired me to try it myself. Her name is Eva Polak and she has written a book about her photography and the techniques she uses. The book is entitled Impressionist Photography Techniques and it is published by Blurb .

I went right outside on this snowy day to try it myself. The photographs I've included were taken around my house and I used one of the photo techniques she describes in her book. The techniques are not created in Photoshop but done with the camera at the time you take the picture. I can't wait to keep doing this in different places. Practice is the key.