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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Marsh - May and June

Spring arrived in May.  This is the month all us New Englanders wait for - soft breezes and and pale green.  Earth smells alive.  The marsh is alive.  What a joy to photograph this season.  Sunrise is early - darn it!  Let's begin with May1st - foggy and still and moody.

May 1

I drove out early the next day to catch a sunrise and was rewarded with this beautiful scene.

May 2

A week later the marsh is greener.  It smells greener and a little softer but the rotting stumps in the marsh are still spiky and offer great contrast.  This photograph so far is the only one I like in black and white.  Thanks to Nik Silver Efex Pro, which pays particular attention to each color channel and renders a beautiful black and white version.

May 8

Here it is in the original color.

May 8

Two weeks later the marsh is wearing a completely different look!  The green takes over and the trick is to contrast green growth with blue sky.  

May 27

The water flowing through the marsh is now murky and full of algae and new growth.  Interesting in its own way because the marsh flora seems to be falling over itself to get a drink.  There are now many sunny days and I avoid those for photography.  The light is too harsh and the shadows too deep.  Better a softer cloudy day.  Hint: if the sky is boring (grey) then don't include it in your photograph! Look at this one, no sky!

June 4

I cannot see the sunset from my house.  I also cannot figure out what conditions make a good sunset.  So I have asked my friends to call me if it looks good.  This evening I was sitting in a friend's gazebo and suddenly it was happening!  Raced to my car and I caught the color just in time.  Luckily my camera and tripod were in the car.

June 16

June 16

The last photo for June is to show you the street I am standing on when I photograph this marsh.  Pretty crazy right?!  Cars whizzing by and me trying to set up my tripod right on the bridge!  

June 24